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Unparalleled access to the best expertise in medicine

Summus is a virtual health advisory service that gives you access to a powerful specialist physician network and medical advisory team, available by phone or video within days and from anywhere in the world – to help you and your family make important medical decisions with speed and confidence. Summus recognizes the difficulty, time, and stress involved in confronting a health issue – whether it is a new diagnosis, an ongoing health concern, chronic condition, or a complex and serious diagnosis. 

The Summus Medical Advisory Team helps members to navigate, understand, and act on your medical questions, and leverages their sophisticated technology to curate access to a network of leading doctors across 48 US hospitals for expert insights on specific health concerns. Additionally, Summus provides members with vetted physician referrals and a suite of virtual mental health and wellness services with best-in-class providers.

We invite you to take advantage of the value of unparalleled access to the best medical expertise in the world – no matter where your travels take you – with the exclusive benefits of XO's partnership with Summus.

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Member Benefits

XO Select Access, Signature Access, and Elite Access Members are eligible for a fee-waived 6-month Summus Family Membership. XO RISE Members are eligible for a 10% discount on the purchase of a 1-year Summus Family Membership.

  • Access level: Family (including spouse, children, parents, siblings, grandparents, and grandchildren)
  • Dedicated Client Service Concierge and Summus MD team
  • Access to the Summus network of leading specialists for virtual Summus MD, Expert, and Wellness consultations
  • One complimentary Summus MD consultation
  • One complimentary Vetted Physician Referral
  • Option to add Medevac and Executive Physicals
  • Benefit is a one-time discount, available only to new Summus Members

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