Ventana Big Sur

Where the Redwoods meet the Pacific Coast
Ventana Big Sur

Where the Redwoods meet the Pacific Coast

Ventana Big Sur, an Alila Resort, is an iconic hotel ensconced in the heart of the California Central Coast, perched at the edge of the continent overlooking the majestic Pacific Ocean. Nothing can change the special feeling that rises within you at Ventana Big Sur. With 59 secluded suites featuring expansive balconies, 160 magnificent acres of natural splendor on the rugged coast, and amenities and activities both private and purposeful, Ventana embodies the notion that space is luxury. 

This is a place where everyone can find what they seek, from romance and emotional connection to perspective and solitary reflection. And with so much change in the air, so much in Big Sur remains as it has always been – and as it is meant to be. The towering redwood forests. The crashing sea down below. The supportive, nurturing environment that fosters meaning, strengthens relationships, and encourages you to define your own unique path. Ventana Big Sur's new inclusive offering seamlessly blends all of this into a carefree experience that now includes meals, signature activities, and much more. It's a completely new approach, a more rewarding way to explore.

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XO Member Benefits

XO Members are eligible for the following benefits when booking Ventana Big Sur:

  • A discount of 30% off prevailing all-inclusive rates for specialty premium suite (or the next best alternative class of room if a premium suite is unavailable)
  • A dedicated Leisure Concierge to help arrange activities, dining reservations, and more – both before your arrival and during your stay
  • All meals, whether at The Sur House, poolside, or in-suite (alcohol and enhanced dining experiences are available for separate purchase)
  • A specially curated minibar in your guestroom, available for complimentary consumption
  • A special welcome amenity
  • A private dinner experience for two in the elegant Glass House, perched 1,100 feet above the majestic Pacific Ocean
  • Waiver of Ventana’s pet fee, if you’re bringing a furry friend

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XO Member Benefits | Terms & Conditions

  • 3-night minimum length of stay required.
  • Offer is subject to availability and blackout dates.
  • Offer applies to new and pre-existing bookings.
  • Offer cannot be combined with any other seasonal, promotional, or discount offers, subject to Ventana Big Sur’s discretion.
  • Rates are non-commissionable, subject to Ventana Big Sur's discretion.
  • Offer is non-transferable.



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