Why XO

Signature service, value, and flexibility

Learn more about the many reasons why XO Members
choose us as their preferred private aviation provider.

The XO Experience

XO offers unparalleled service and support to provide an elevated travel experience from end-to-end.

Unparalleled value

XO provides competitive flight pricing and an asset-light alternative to full and fractional jet ownership and the rigid, non-refundable jet card model.

The Fleet

XO’s Dedicated Fleet of over 180aircraft and the XO Alliance Fleet of 2,100+ aircraft offer global coverage for diverse trip and passenger requirements.

Health & safety

XO provides a secure way to travel in uncertain times ‒ with the assurance of our operational excellence, exemplary safety record, and exacting cleanliness standards.

Private Jet Cost

XO provides flyers with an asset-light, no-commitment solution to the costly alternative of private jet ownership.

Exclusive Offers and Member Benefits

Beyond the jet, XO offers exclusive access to luxury travel and lifestyle benefits and invitation-only events that enrich and broaden the journey.

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Meet the new XO mobile app — the best in its class

Access the best pricing for private charters and seats on private jets. Explore flights across thousands of airports and destinations worldwide.

Sustainability & Efficiency

XO and our parent company Vista Global have committed to becoming the first carbon-neutral business aviation company by 2025. Join us in our efforts towards carbon neutrality.

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Ways to buy

Book flights on demand, or consider
the unrivaled value and flexibility
of XO Membership.

Ways to fly

Book private charters
or individual seats on private jets.

XO Mobile App

XO’s revolutionary mobile app
enables anyone to instantly book
private charters, crowdsource
shared flights, or reserve
individual seats on private jets.

Current Jet Deals

One-way private charter
and shared flight deals for
our most popular routes.

Ways to buy

Book flights on demand, or consider
the unrivaled value and flexibility
of XO Membership.